Mike Siegel, Licensed Professional Counselor - Mind-Body Centered Psychotherapy
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Deciding to enter a counseling relationship is an important step towards regaining perspective, peace of mind, and balance in your life.  Whether you are looking for guidance in your personal, family, and social relationships, or just seeking personal growth, counseling can help to increase your confidence in achieving what you want.

I believe that all people have a desire to become all they can be given the opportunity, yet sometimes obstacles seem to get in the way. Both the positive and the challenging experiences in life give us a sense of who we are, which may not always be helpful. Through mindful, non-judgmental self-observation, you will become more aware of patterns of behavior that may be keeping you from moving forward. This gives you the chance to slow down long enough to realize the effects that unhelpful beliefs may have had, and to make different choices. 

I take a mind-body approach because you cannot separate one from the other and our bodies hold a lot of distress. 

My style is nurturing yet direct, humorous at times, and most of all collaborative.  Success in counseling is best accomplished when you and I act as a team, making the decisions of what to explore together.  This includes how deeply and quickly to explore, which you will always be in control of.  This doesn't mean I won't make suggestions! 

I believe that therapy is not about "fixing broken people" because feeling broken is just a symptom.  Therapy is about helping you remember who you really are, or in some cases learning who you really are for the first time! 

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